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I'm excited that I finally have the prospect of having an internet connection with my laptop. It will be seldom and brief, but it means I will get more work done on my laptop here than I thought - and I think this should make me more productive as well.

Our project is starting to really move. We're getting a lot of information and a lot of ideas from the people we've talked to. Sometimes those ideas are conflicting, but it's better than being in the dark on how to go about our task. We're at the point where we actually do have 2-4 interviews scheduled in a week, which also gives us more to do (very good thing.)

I plan on spending the weekend working on things for the website we're building, and doing some more touristy things. Maybe I'll do a little more shopping for fun, too - although I am a skinflint at heart ;)

I think my improvement in mood is largely due to the fact that today's weather was quite nice - sunny, though overcast at times, and quite a bit warmer, more springlike. This is the first day all week that it hasn't rained (though maybe I shouldn't say that, I'll jinx it!)

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