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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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What's up with MySQL?

So, in my spare time, I've been trying to get an application off the ground. It's still in the planning stages, all the more so because I CAN'T GET FREAKING MYSQL TO WORK!

I don't know what's up. It was working fine (as far as I knew) when I installed it about a month & a half ago. When I went back this week to actually start using it, though, it didn't behave. There's one way I can actually log in- but that way won't let me modify anything, saying I don't have permissions. Not to mention the fact that it locks up if I try to do something simple like "SHOW databases;" Any other way I try to log in, I can't. It either shuts down mysqld because it "Can't change dir to '/usr/local/mysql/var/'". *sigh* I even tried deleting everything in mysql's directory & then reinstalling it; no luck. This thing has serious issues.

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ctriv June 20th, 2003
What are you running MySQL as? Who owns the /usr/local/mysql/var/ directory? What OS is this? If one trains departs from New York, and another from Washington DC, and both are traveling 65 miles per hour, what color are my pants?

Re: Hrrrm...

krellis June 20th, 2003
Orange. But if one is departing from San Jose they're fuscia.

solipsistnation June 20th, 2003

Sounds like a permissions issue, like the guy said.

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