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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Thought for the day (admittedly plagiarized)

"If you had it on Highest Authority that a)Christ's mother was not a virgin eternally and/or b) he used earthy references to his disciple's posteriors when he wanted them to sit down and pay attention-----

Would he still be your Savior, and would you still believe that His plan for the world was the Way?"

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Is this a trick question?

etherial June 29th, 2003
'Cuz, I mean, he's never been my saviour (Well, I've never thought of him that way. You can all you want). Although hearing he was even more of a real person would definitely help him maintain his position as the most misunderstood philosopher in history.

Re: Is this a trick question?

anitra June 29th, 2003
The question was originally aimed at a (or a few) Christians that were a bit upset about a dramatization of Jesus where he cussed ("used earthy language" was the way the storyteller put it).. and in the following discussion, there was also a bit about the Roman-Catholic persuasion that Mary was some kind of perpetual/eternal virgin.

So no, not a trick question, but not one I'd expect any of my non-Christian friends to answer. Mostly just food for thought.

wicketgate June 30th, 2003

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