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I want to go home.

Why the hell am I even here? It's starting to seem pretty useless. The focus of our project, at least the part that will take us the most time, has completely changed. Now, the majority of what we'll be doing is just finding new members for the UK branch of our organisation. Not that this is an easy task, but we hadn't planned for it at all. We have so many questions to ask our sponsors now, but they just work part-time, so we won't see them until Thursday morning. We did hardly any work today, and tomorrow looks like more of the same.

You might wonder why I'm so upset that I don't have work to do... well, it means I don't have much of anything to do. I feel like being here is useless. I'm bored, and I want to finish this project and get back to Worcester. I miss all my friends, and the conveniences of the U.S. The thrill of being in a foreign country is wearing off, and I just want the conveniences of home.

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