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Banquet frozen meals are cheap. (Both in price & quality.)

So, about a week ago, I noticed that "Banquet" brand frozen dinners were on sale at Price Chopper for something ridiculous - like 5 for $4 or something. Having now eaten all 5, I know why they are so cheap. All of them are watery and don't defrost/cook well. This messes the consistency up a lot (everything is either soggy or watery), so even though it doesn't usually taste bad, it's hard for me to convince myself to eat the whole thing. (Hah, groat, I used "myself" correctly!)

I'm going to go back to Healthy Choice and the Weight Watchers meals - they tend to taste very good (although a couple of them have sucked, too), and they're much better at preserving the consistency of the food.

I also will buy more of the Betty Crocker dried rice/pasta bowls. They're not quite big enough to be a lunch by themselves, but they turn out much better than I would have thought - and I don't have to worry about finding space in the refridgerator or freezer to store them. (And they're also pretty cheap - under $2.)

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