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Lotus Log

09:30 Wednesday, 27 August:

Trip so far has been relatively uneventful. Strong westerly wind on Monday prevented us from going west as we had planned, but we had quite a good sail in the lake and in Sodus Bay. We even sailed both up and down the channel (instead of motoring). Crew was only my dad (as Captain), the first mate, myself (as 2nd mate & "chaperone"), and one scout (Stoops). The four of us motored over and ate at a nice restaurant on the other side of the bay, then returned to the mooring.

On Tuesday morning, my dad and I made a quick trip out to Sodus (from Sodus Point) to get some supplies at the grocery store. After we returned, we headed out of the bay, with a nice southwesterly wind (I think). We sailed toward Rochester, making good time, until early afternoon. We had heard storm warnings all day, and the wind seemed to be getting very strong, so we lowered one sail and motor-sailed for another hour or so. When it appeared we were getting closer to bad weather, we dropped all the sails and continued to motor towards Rochester. We actually saw very little rain; we seemed to skirt around the edges of the storm. After arriving in Rochester, we had a good burger dinner using the grill at RYC, and picked up HP, another scout. We rowed across the river and went to Abotts... it's not a good cruise without good ice cream!

Today has been uneventful so far. All the adults have taken showers, with the two scouts leaving just now to take their own showers. We will do a bit of sailing today, but have not decided where we will try for, since the 1st mate needs to be back in Rochester by 1530 (at the latest). We should acquire a third scout tonight.

16:15 Wednesday

We went out for a short sail; the wind was great, and the waves were very choppy. The wind was actually a little too strong for us; we turned around and headed back in. I got a bit queasy and couldn't eat much, so I headed below and took a nap. I woke up just before we re-entered the channel.

We got to talk to the owner of the boat docked next to us; it's a mansion compared to Lotus, with two showers (possibly three?), a large freezer, a full galley with trash compactor, dishwasher, etc., a clothes washer & dryer, and several cabins. I'd love to have something like that as my permanent home! For them, it's just a boat; they treat it a bit like a summer home. We suspect he must be a CEO (or retired CEO) of some profitable business; that boat must have cost well into 7 figures.

The two scouts & I also piled into the 1st mate's truck (with the 1st mate, of course), and drove down to West Marine and the IGA. We bought food for tonight, and some candy :) and the three of us walked back, as the mate drove to his appointment.

20:33 Thursday, 28 August

Down to three people today. 1st mate left for good after dinner last night. 2nd scout left early this morning, 3rd scout called and said she wouldn't make it. So it's just me, Dad, and Stoops. We scrapped our more ambitious plans, and decided to instead go back, past Sodus, to Fair Haven. Although it was very cold in the morning, it warmed up quickly out on the water. We started early, and made pretty good time (motoring, since the wind was against us), and got into Fair Haven in midafternoon. Dad and I took a short swim, we cooked dinner (first meal cooked on the boat this trip), and then rowed across the bay into town (instead of walking around the bay, about 1.5 miles). The "Fly by Night Cookie Factory" is awesome!

Tomorrow should be a relatively short jaunt back to Sodus, then we're done. nightskyre called me today, which was nice; unfortunately, it was just as we were docking.

I've enjoyed this week, but I'm definitely ready to get off the water for a while, to get warm and dry, and soothe my sunburn, and take a shower in a more private place

I forgot to mention this: Wednesday night, MC showed up. The two scouts and I went to his house to watch Two Towers (recently released on DVD), but came back before it was over (around midnight), since we were all starting to fall asleep..

Friday, 29 August

The three of us managed to sail back to Sodus today, even with some mishaps. We started out very early, and sailed away from the dock. Unfortunately, when we let the fors'l jibe, no one was paying attention, and it ran into one of the davits holding the dinghy. The davit took a little chunk out of the fors'l boom, but it should be easily covered with some varnish next season. Once out on the lake, we put up the other two sails, then Dad & Stoops went below to make breakfast. They'd been down less than 5 minutes when suddenly I noticed the fore-most sail, the stays'l, flopping around in ways it shouldn't. I yelled out, and they came back up - the stay had broken - a bolt on the turnbuckle snapped in half! They managed to get the sail down without injury, though.

We got into Sodus about 2.5 hours after leaving Fair Haven - very good time. The wind had been blowing strong out of the southwest all morning, and we had some trouble getting the mains'l down with only one person to furl it, but we managed all right. We got everything off and the boat locked up tight. Stoops' mom picked him up, and my dad and I headed out for lunch right in Sodus Point. About 5 minutes after we got our lunch, the rain started pouring down. I'm really glad we left early so we got back ahead of the rain.

I'm glad to be back. Going to be in Rochester for a few more days, then on Tuesday, I'll be heading back to Worcester again. I still wish I could have seen more of the scouts this week; it's disheartening that so many of them are already gone to school or studying for their AP classes.
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