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Missed SYATP, but going to Beall's memorial.

Darn. I really meant to go to See You At the Pole today... but we were doing it at 8am, and girlbody pain slowed me down so much I wasn't even ready until 9. I'm having a lot of trouble with prayer lately, both corporate and individual prayer. It's so hard to set aside time to simply meditate on God and talk to Him. My brain keeps telling me that there are more important things to do (like my homework).

I need to get ready for Herbert Beall's memorial service (it's today). He was my Chem I professor, and I remember when he was diagnosed with cancer almost 5 years ago. I'd probably be going to this service even if the choir wasn't singing there. But unfortunately, this also means I miss the first TRG meeting that I could have attended.
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