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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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iTunes store and random other stuff

OK, so I found a legitimate (for me) use for the iTunes store. I signed up because I figured I'd do it eventually, and I have a chance to win an iPod, so why not? Well, after signing up, I searched for one of the songs I'm singing in my recital, "Green Finch and Linnet Bird". I've never heard anyone sing it, and I haven't seen whatever show it's from... and I'm having a hard time identifying with the character. So it was worth it to plunk down $1 to hear Mandy Pitinkin (oddly enough) sing it. Can't say as I like his interpretation, but it gives me a better idea what I'm supposed to be doing with the song.

I was going to post my thoughts on Herbert Beall here, but they got long enough that I decided to do that in a separate post.

Increasingly random news... I really don't want to work more on my readings for Intelligent Tutoring Systems right now, but it's either that, or work on my Suff... and I have to make comments on the readings by tomorrow night. Hm.. Guess I'd better keep going, then.

I went to WPI's career fair today. Spent a lot of time talking to alumni, both "behind the tables" as presenters and, unfortunately, a lot of them walking around looking for jobs, too. Found out I've got a little bit of an "in" at APC, but I'm not going to rely on that too heavily. It was also amusing to come up to the person at DRS and say, "Hi, I was working on your investor relations site less than a month ago." (For reference, this is their IR site; I designed the layout of the front page, but had relatively little else to do with it.) It would be nice if the career fair netted me an alternative offer to SH.com's future offer to me, but I'm not really worried, one way or the other. The only thing that concerns me is the still-present-though-much-smaller possibility that SH.com might not be able to afford to make me an offer. That would suck a lot, as I'd be out of a job again. All the more reason to NOT spend my meager savings right now.

I've also been thinking about adding/changing LJ user icons. I'd like to have a picture that actually resembles my physical appearance. Unfortunately, I'd also like this picture (whether a drawing or a photo; photo's much more likely) to be less than 5 years old. That narrows it down to about 2 pictures from my stay in London 1.5 years ago; and I don't like either of those pictures. Somebody with an artistic/photographic bent needs to take a bunch of pictures of me, or something.
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anitra September 17th, 2003
I almost forgot: I got a cool toy at the career fair, too. It's one of those one-piece back massagers. It's got four prongs and it's a translucent greenish-yellow plastic. I like it a lot (especially because it works well as a back massager!)

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