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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Erg. Sick.

Darn it. I left work an hour early, ostensibly because of homework, but I was starting to feel not-up-to-par. When I realized I was going the wrong way on 495, I was already starting to feel bad, and not looking forward to the drive home.

Now my throat is scratchy, and I've been coughing. At least I picked up some good herbal tea that should help (Throat Coat and Gypsy Cold Care). I also picked up a full gallon of O.J., though that may admittedly go partially towards screwdrivers (unless I still have some grapefruit juice for greyhounds - I like those better). Hey, it's still good for me that way, right? ;)

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brazenheart September 26th, 2003
Yeah. I just got over that blasted thing. Good news: if you have the same thing I do, it'll go away in about three days. Mild symptoms.

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