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Sweeney Todd - "The Demon Barber of Fleet Street"

So I was actually doing some research for my Suff paper (fancy that - I haven't even started writing it yet..) I looked up information for the setting of one song I'm singing, "Green Finch and Linnet Bird" - from Sweeney Todd, by Steven Sondheim.

Well, I knew nothing about the storyline before this. I knew that Green Finch is sung by a girl who has been pretty confined her whole life. That's true, but she is the "kidnapped" daughter of the main character, Sweeney Todd, and adopted by the same corrupt judge that had sent Sweeney away. However, all of that seems to be pretty irrelevant to the story. The main story is that Sweeney is a barber, out for revenge on this judge. He kills the judge (and others) in his barber chair, and then disposes of the bodies in his neighbor's meat pies (with her permission, of course). Eeew! How could anyone write a freaking musical this gruesome?

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krellis October 4th, 2003
I imagine they used a pen, and probably some paper... I'm quite sure that much worse things have been written. The entire concept of an opera, for example :)

Sweeney Todd

(Anonymous) November 22nd, 2003
Sweeney Todd is an awesome musical and you can't pass judgement because evidently you haven't seen it. Yes the concept may seem gross to some but the musical is very entertaining, it's funny, thrilling and original.

Sweeny Todd

(Anonymous) December 10th, 2003
Interesting musical if you like musicals. At least this one has no pretentions about trying to have a message other then it's sometimes good not to know what is in your food. Not being a fan of musicals, this is one that I can almost stay awake for the entire show.......

Re: Sweeny Todd

horsegal98 May 2nd, 2004
Sweeney Todd is a fantastic musical. I assume you've been cast to play the role of Johanna, the judge's sixteen year old ward. She is a beautiful character, and the duet she performs with Anthony "Kiss Me" leaves a lasting impression on all who hear.

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