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Late at night. Ah, weekends.

So I'm sitting here, after watching way too much trashy late-night British TV, listening to the CD A. made for me, and trying to figure out my schedule for next year.

I'm trying to remember everything I need to take next year - 5 4ks in CS, as well as DB1 and Social Imps - I think that was it for CS, plus my MQP. Let's see, that's 5 2 3 = 10. I need 12, I'm pretty sure, so the other two units must be my Sufficiency and a random science. Ok, I got it. Hm. It might even be possible :) For a minute, I thought it completely hinged on doing my MQP with "the boys," as I'll call them. However, I have a still workable plan if I do what my advisor suggested. The boys want to do an MQP 1/3 in B term and 2/3 in C term - seems a little odd for scheduling, but it would work out well for me, especially as I am not enthusiastic about starting my MQP A term, when I won't have even taken any advanced CS classes yet. Now the only problem is how to actually register for all these classes...

A. made such great choices of what to put on this CD - it's a whole bunch of great Christian songs that I don't already have electronically. It's really uplifting, just like he said it would be. I just realised that it's also possible for me to call and talk to him now - he said he'd definitely be back by now. I didn't think I'd still be up...

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