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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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With new glasses, the world looks too sharp. All the scratches and grease that you've grown to think were normal, have suddenly disappeared. The prescription is just a little bit stronger, and it makes your eyes hurt - but you savor this time of crispness and sharpness, because it will be gone again all too soon.

So, I got new glasses today. I actually got new sunglasses too - LensCrafters was having a sale. I'm happy with them both, though I wish it hadn't been forced on me. But my old glasses were getting fragile; they broke this past weekend. nightskyre soldered them back together, but they fell apart again this morning.

I've been thinking about contacts, but I forgot to even ask about them today. Maybe in a few months.

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ruggrat November 11th, 2003
Aww, next time(for me, glasses last like three years...so if you're even still in town then) go to Bello Opticians on Shrewsbury street : ) They are so nice!! And their glasses are sexxy. : )

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