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Lotus project underway.

So, now that I have some free time, I've finally gotten around to working on my Lotus site. (For the curious: or

It's really pathetic how little content I've put there. Also pathetic is how bland and bare (and eye-hurting) it looks.

First order of business: try to fix the broken links. (Hah!) Copy to my personal server (off WPI's), and change the redirect.

Second: redesign, using CSS and gentler colors. Maybe put a logo on there (like the one from the front of my Lotus T-shirts.)

Third: Finally add some more content, like I always said I would. Add explanation of what "gaff-rigged" means. Put up the more recent pictures I have.

Fourth: once everything above has been taken care of - Actively solicit content (cruise logs, pictures, etc.) from current and former Scouts and leaders. I'd be perfectly happy to transcribe hand-written logs, if someone sends copies to me; I've done it before.
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