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Worst weather.. EVAR!!

It rained all day yesterday, all day today, and there's a flood warning until noon Friday. High chance of rain all through the weekend, until Monday, when it's a chance of SNOW instead.

So, no going up to my mom's to get the table on Saturday...

And no wedding dress shopping for me, either; impending girlbody attack will prevent it.

Sounds like I'll be staying home (mostly) this weekend; putting stuff away, mending, and generally taking care of stuff that I've meant to do for a long time. Unfortunately, one of those things is to finish moving in. I don't want to keep trying to move all my stuff in the rain.

Rain, rain, go AWAY! Come again.. some other weekend?

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nan0_frog April 1st, 2004
I agree!

treyvana April 21st, 2004
found you!!
i have way too much fun on lj...sheesh.

ps- hey, we got to go shopping!! yay!!!
(psst...youre getting married!)

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