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How long ago was it that I ordered those bridesmaid dresses? Well, I got a call today saying they're in already! Wow!

Pictures will come soon, I promise. I have to go pick them up/arrange fittings within the next week...

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treyvana May 14th, 2004
hey, i need to know if we're planning on the day after graduation or not...theres a follow up brunch to the wedding im going to that weekend, they need an RSVP, and you kinda have priority over the brunch (:
let me know!

anitra May 14th, 2004
We can't do the day after graduation - David's is closed on Sundays.

How does the afternoon after graduation sound? I'm going to call up the store and find out what exactly we need to do.

treyvana May 14th, 2004
no can do, wedding is at 4pm...gonna most likely be in westminster from friday night on.
weekend after that, maybe?


anitra May 14th, 2004
We'll figure something out.

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