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iPod troubles

Well, this sucks. I left my iPod plugged in to power all day yesterday, then brought it home last night. I synched it up with the laptop this morning, and when I get to work, the iPod's battery is totally drained. I also noticed that synching didn't work quite the way I expected it to. I saw a couple of songs that I played yesterday, which still have "Last Played" times of months back. And when I checked my "Recently Played" playlist, it showed a whole bunch of songs with play-times dating from Monday. Especially interesting because I didn't play the iPod at all on Monday - I stayed home sick all day. What the heck?

Of course, I didn't bring in the charger today, because I figured I charged it all day yesterday, so it should be set for at least 5-6 hours of play. So no music for me today.

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