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It appears that A. may be able to come visit me after all! I'm excited at this prospect. I know it's only a possibility right now, but it's given me something else to think about. Now that our phone is fixed, we've been talking almost every day. Did I not mention that our phone line was turned off for 5 days? That was certainly not fun. We already have to use phonecards here because we can't make direct outside calls (other than 800 numbers); when the phone was off, we couldn't make calls at all without going to a different flat.

Time is passing slowly but steadily. Just over 4 weeks to go. The project is moving onward well, but we may not be making enough progress. We still have so much to do! G seems to be doing more than his share of work, but he's volunteering to do it all, and I'm not inclined to stop him; I just feel like I should be doing more work, but I'm not sure what I can do right now or how.

I need to make sure I get out of the flats again this weekend. I'm planning on the Tower of London on Saturday. Tomorrow, I think I'd like to go shopping, and go to a Good Friday service. I'll probably end up at one of the Anglican cathedrals again for the service; not my first choice, but the church I've been attending has the service too early in the morning for my taste. I'm not sure what else I'm going to do, maybe I'll see what the other people around here are doing. I need more books to read.

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