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Update: Weekend in NY

Last weekend was great.

We got off to a late start on Thursday, especially since we forgot some things when running errands in town, and had to head back to the apartment to grab them. Unfortunately, we still forgot my camera! I wonder sometimes if I'll ever remember it for a major event again. I've forgotten it for the past three weddings we've attended!

We arrived in Rochester just in time to head off to a picnic/party for the Cathedral Choir School. That was a lot of fun, and the choir geeks didn't scare off nightskyre... at least, not too much ;)

After the picnic, we were able to meet up with lorisheep for ice cream at Abbott's. We walked down the beach and went to the swings! She and I relived a bit of our childhood that night, I think. The two of us talked until about 4:30 in the morning, so I got up pretty late on Friday.

That was OK, though, because Nightskyre and I had breakfast with my dad, and headed out to Buffalo. We arrived in plenty of time for the ceremony - the church was lovely. The wedding was beautiful. The reception afterward was also very nice; nicer than I thought it would be, in fact. Both sets of parents are such wonderful people.

The bride's parents invited us back for brunch Saturday morning. Of course, we had breakfast with my dad before we left. We arrived to catch the end of the brunch, spending time with our friends from WPI and/or BBC. This also gave us a lot of ideas for how to handle the rehearsal dinner and "after-party" for our own wedding.

After the brunch, we headed out to Niagara Falls. Of course, I got us lost after we got into Canada - but we eventually got there. Nightskyre loved the Falls. They are so gorgeous, and powerful - especially in the summer. We went on the Maid of the Mist, which was awesome, and the "Journey Behind the Falls", where I had never been. I highly recommend it: it allows you to walk up very close to the Horseshoe Falls, and also to walk down a tunnel that goes behind the falls. You can walk up and see them from underneath! You really see the power of the Falls, the power of God, doing this. And there's no time limit - you can walk around within the area as long as you'd like.

We got back very late on Saturday night, too - of course. Sunday, we went to church with my dad, and I got to see one of my old junior high teachers. We had dinner at the Chinese buffet. After a quick shopping trip, we headed back to Worcester, and the weekend was over.

My father revealed that he was ready to accept a job in New Jersey. I'm happy for him, but now he's trying to get the house ready to sell as soon as possible. I think I've spent my last night in the house. It's a little depressing, but I knew it was coming.

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