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RMV fun

I made my first-ever trip to the Mass. RMV today (I envision at least two more interactions with them in the next year: name-change and then address-change). Forked over $85 for a new title and Mass. registration, plus $90 to transfer my license from New York. I screwed the new plates onto the car when I got home. I am now completely legal.

The people were reasonably nice & accomodating; moreso than I thought they would be. My picture on my license is going to be horrible; I was completely unprepared for the woman to take the picture, and I look like a dork, trying to smile at the last second. (Why did I even start smiling? I don't know. I don't really like the way I look in photos when I'm grinning.)

Now to figure out what to do with the old NYS plates...

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juldea August 6th, 2004
$90 transfer fee? Bah! This is one of the reasons I have put off transferring my Oklahoma license. It's set to expire in January anyway... How much is the regular get-a-license fee? Will I save money if I wait and get a new one, rather than transfer?

anitra August 12th, 2004
According to the RMV website, there is a $40 flat fee when they issue a license. The permit/written test cost $30, and the road test is $20 - so it looks like you still end up paying $90, plus extra time.

I'd call up the RMV and figure out which one will cost you less. Or use the above-mentioned website.

juldea August 12th, 2004
Thanks for the info :)

nan0_frog August 6th, 2004
Hey! I said Hi to you when you were doing all of that when I drove by! But you didn't see me!!!! We have to get together sometime soon!!! :) ::huggs:: Congrats on the plates :)

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