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Wedding rehearsal (not mine, thankfully)

After work today, I showed up at my friends' wedding rehearsal. nightskyre was already there because he's an usher, and I wanted to see if I could help with the decorations or anything else.

Oh. My. Goodness.

It was crazy. There were probably more than 50 people there. Everyone was trying to get different stuff done - and I got there when the rehearsal was technically OVER and the dinner was starting!

It seems Nightskyre has been roped into manning the sound room for the wedding ceremony. How he's going to do this when he's also an usher, I don't know.

I made the decorator go home around 7:30. She'd been there pretty much all day, and there was very little left to do. She left me with her glue-gun, and now I know how to fix just about anything that can go wrong with the decorations. The decorations are totally amazing, though. Our church is very casual - the sanctuary is designed for fellowship, worship, and flexibility - NOT for ceremony. She managed to create a partition system so that the bride will not be seen until she is at the back of the church (the only feasible entrance is on the side), and make it lovely. There's a trellis-archway that clearly defines where the procession will begin (at the back of the church), with lights, flowers, and tulle. I've already asked this decorator if she would honor me by decorating for our wedding - she does such a wonderful job!

I also realized today how happy I am that our wedding is NOT in the summer. The brides mother was running around, fussing with fans, trying to get the front of the church to have some air circulation. It's going to be like a sauna in there tomorrow.

I vow not to put my parents through the torture the bride's parents (especially her father) are dealing with. At 8:00 tonight, they still had to 1)pick up food for tomorrow and get it back to the church, 2) get tables to their house for breakfast, 3) make table number-thingies (with a whole bunch of text on them, apparently), and a few other tasks - and they need to get some sleep. Did I mention the wedding ceremony starts at 10am tomorrow? I think the bride and all 5-6 bridesmaids are getting their hair done - so they're getting up around 5am.

Crazy. Oh Lord, please don't let my wedding be like this. It doesn't need to be this much of a production.
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