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Last night and this morning. (i.e., adventures with Tom)

What a relief. I haven't really gotten chewed out by anyone yet. There is however, still the issue of my roommate, Camille.. I know that when I walked in this afternoon and tried to apologize, she said, "I don't want to talk about it" and slammed the door. I have a feeling a long angry discussion is coming up with her. But let me start at the beginning...
Last night, I went out to meet my friend Tom, who I know through The two of us, and a few of his fellow students, all went out to a very nice dinner with a professor of his. It was quite nice, but ran quite late. We returned to the professor's house after 1am, so the Underground was no longer running. However, that did not end up being a problem for me, as I ended up staying up all night and talking, mostly to Tom, but to a few other people as well.

All would have been fine, except I never really notified anyone from WPI that I was going out to do this. When I didn't come home last night, they began to get very worried. My cell phone, which they called several times, was in my coat pocket, which happened to be in the other room. I never even thought of notifying anyone until about 8 or 9 in the morning. By the time I did finally make some calls, it appears that they were almost in a panic, thinking I had been hurt or otherwise incapacitated. They even called my mother, who called nightskyre, who told her not to worry, as I did think of calling him around 1:30am, so he figured I was probably still there, and I would be ok. (Thanks!)

I had a great time, and I may go to visit Tom in Cambridge next week, but I feel really bad that I didn't let anyone know what was happening, and I'll be damned if I'll do that again. It was terribly irresponsible of me, not to mention completely inconsiderate of how others would be feeling. There; I feel better now that I've been (slightly) chewed out.. even if I did it myself ;)

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