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My life as journaled

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Software question - opinions please!

How legitimate does this look?


Because of factors outside of my control, I need a copy of Photoshop to work on my church's new website. We definitely want to be as legally and morally sound as possible - but we also can't pay an arm and a leg for Photoshop.


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romperwebby August 18th, 2004
you risk dl'g a virus, but i dl'd my copy of photoshop off kazaa - also got a legitimate serial # off there too. it works just fine.

standard open sourced geek answer

jzer August 18th, 2004
i'd vote for The GIMP.
but it'll take a bit to get used to.

as for legit.... they're selling lots of products, that makes it more likely to be legit.


anitra August 18th, 2004
I have nothing against The GIMP (though I've never used it, so that's not saying much)...

But the site template that they bought (before bringing me on board) has a bunch of PSD files. As far as I know, you can only open those in Adobe programs.

I've tried convincing them that this site template isn't really what they need, but I've had no success thus far...


jzer August 18th, 2004
i just looked at the file/open command in gimp, and of the file extentions i found "PSD", however, i don't have a psd file to open so i can't be sure.
i can save with the psd format, so i'm going to say it works.


anitra August 18th, 2004
Hm... I'll check that out, then.

aquamoonmist August 18th, 2004
Hey Anitra,
I work where we sell educational copies of photoshop. They have the same functionality, but don't include stock photos. I'm guessing you don't need them anyway. The website is www.studica.com. We sell it for $278.95. You technically have to be a current student, but if your student card is still valid you can send a copy of that, or if you know a current student just send their proof in and be the bill to person for it. If you have any questions you can ask me. :)


(Anonymous) August 19th, 2004

Is Photoshop Elements ($99 from Adobe) too dumb for what you need to do for BBC? It has much of the functionality of its big brother.



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