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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Software question - opinions please!

How legitimate does this look?


Because of factors outside of my control, I need a copy of Photoshop to work on my church's new website. We definitely want to be as legally and morally sound as possible - but we also can't pay an arm and a leg for Photoshop.


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anitra August 18th, 2004
I have nothing against The GIMP (though I've never used it, so that's not saying much)...

But the site template that they bought (before bringing me on board) has a bunch of PSD files. As far as I know, you can only open those in Adobe programs.

I've tried convincing them that this site template isn't really what they need, but I've had no success thus far...


jzer August 18th, 2004
i just looked at the file/open command in gimp, and of the file extentions i found "PSD", however, i don't have a psd file to open so i can't be sure.
i can save with the psd format, so i'm going to say it works.


anitra August 18th, 2004
Hm... I'll check that out, then.

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