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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Well, that weekend went fast.

We spent Saturday up in Maine, getting my ring resized (went from a 9 to 7 5/8 - quite a bit of difference), so now it doesn't slip off my finger anymore. We spent time with my Mom and visited my grandparents and my aunt & cousins. Asked my cousin if he would read in the wedding; he agreed, but said I should ask his brother (my other cousin), as well, "because he likes that kind of thing". I'll think about it.

Got a mixer (super kitchen-center of doom) from my mom, unfortunately, it doesn't work as well as I remember. Maybe it just had something to do with the cookie dough I was mixing. If it really does have a problem (and it's not just my imagination), we may look into getting it fixed - or we may give it back to my mother and put a mixer on our registry.

While we were at the jeweler's, we also sat down and looked at wedding bands. nightskyre really likes the hammered look, but I'm not a huge fan (and I think it would look weird with my engagement ring) - so we are getting bands that echo each other without being identical in design. The jeweler said they can probably have them done before the end of September. I can't wait!

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ramblin_on August 24th, 2004
Glad to hear you all had a good time :)

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