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Bridesmaid gifts

I have two ideas for what to get my bridesmaids, but I can't decide which would be better:

Idea 1 - Traditional - I've seen some very pretty necklace / earring sets, and I've thought about getting them for the 4 girls. They'd all be slightly different, but follow the same theme (probably all bought from the same place). I'm pretty sure all of the girls have pierced ears - I don't, but that's another story. However, this is a very common present, and most of these girls have been in weddings before. I'm not sure if they'd ever even wear the jewelry again after my wedding.

Idea 2 - Useful - I was thinking of getting each girl a pocket-size multi-tool, like a Leatherman Micra or Squirt. I think this is neat, because it's non-traditional, much like the girls who I'll have around me on my wedding day. I could get them in several different colors, and I'm fairly sure all of the girls would use it.

So what do you think? Traditional or useful?
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