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Sci-fi quizzes!

Too amusing.

If I Were a Trek Captain... by Green_Jewel
My speciesOrion
My first officerdeepbrain
My science officerslarti
My chief engineertroybthompson
My head of securitymookieghana
My random alien crewmember of diversitydevotional
My worthy nemesisnightskyre
My pastel-colored alien love interestgroat
My missonTo break series canon at every opportunity.
The name of my shipThe Enron
Quiz created with MemeGen!

If your life was a sci-fi TV show... by guybrush
Series Name:
Core sci-fi trope:
Your nerdy but brilliant scientist:slarti
Your robot/half-alien/etc. trying to become human:etherial
Your sexy but brilliant scientist:treyvana
Version of you from a parallel universe:anitra
Your brooding but brilliant scientist:solipsistnation
Your hot-headed military/action type:imotic
Number of seasons before cancellation:2
Your show is cancelled because:the creator's grand plan is shit, and everyone can see it coming.
The chance of your show becoming a cult hit is:: 32%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Yeah, it's Friday. How did you ever guess?
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