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Today is Nightskyre's birthday

See last year's post. He's only 4 months older than me, which I always find hard to believe. Sometimes he seems so much older and more mature than I - he puts more thought into financial decisions, and he's so calm and rational when I get upset. Other times, he acts like a little kid, misbehaving in public, playing with his toys... I think he's been more mature than childish lately, though; probably because of the impending wedding.

I made him breakfast when he came over this morning - pancakes and sausage, and Kona coffee (that he bought for me). It was a nice time to be together, early in the morning. We'll be spending a lot of time apart this weekend, since he's going to the CBD sale super-early on Saturday morning, and I have bridal showers Saturday and Sunday afternoons. lorisheep will be up here for the weekend, and she'll be crashing at my place - but so will my future mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Brother-in-law will be sleeping with the boys, over at Fruit Street. I need to remember to sell him my D&D 3.5 book while he's here.

To top it all off, I am sick. My throat is swollen and sore, my nose is runny, and I have a mild sinus headache. I'm trying to beat it as quickly as I can, and I am determined to have fun this weekend!
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