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"Wedding" Friday Five

1. Introduce your fiancé to me. How would you describe him? How would he describe you?
nightskyre is the love of my life. He's a computer geek, he's good at communicating, he calms me down when I'm upset. He's a Christian.

He has described me in the past as "the best girlfriend (fiancée) ever!" I guess that's because I am as geeky as he is, and I try to take care of him.

2. What are some things about which you don't seem to be able to communicate?
We're not very good at communicating our plans to each other. I'm particularly bad at explaining the reasons I do certain things, and at understanding the reasons he does things differently.

3. Why are you getting married? In the light of what is happening to marriages today, why will yours be different?
4. What do you, as a couple, want out of life?

We want to have a strong Christian marriage - the kind that lasts forever. We want to build a family together, and build each other up. We're physically attracted to each other, which is certainly a component to our upcoming marriage; BUT we understand that attraction is not the glue that holds a marriage together.

5. How are you dividing up the household chores? Is it working the way you envisioned?

I do 90% of the cooking, the laundry, and the cleaning. He takes care of the cars, the budget, keeps the clutter under control, takes out the trash (when I ask), and washes the dishes more often than I do. So far, it seems to be working - but we don't actually live together yet. Sometimes I get jealous of him, when I'm doing chores and he's not - but I just have to remember to ask him to help, and he will, happily.

Wedding Five
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