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So many things to do! And not all of them are for the wedding!

Work is slow. And I have so many things to do this weekend...

I'm using Ebay to buy the bridesmaid gifts, making it more affordable for me. And anything that doesn't require me to leave work is GOOD.

Tonight, treyvana comes over, and we'll figure out if the flowers I bought are actually going to work with the bridesmaid dresses. If they're good, time to start working on the boutonniers, corsages, and bouquets. If they're not so good... back to Michaels before their fall sale ends.

Tomorrow, nightskyre gets to go to the conference being held at church, while I have an appointment to get contacts. It's going to be weird; I've worn glasses every day for the past 15 years or so. But I really don't like the way I photograph - mostly because of my glasses. And I'm not so vain that I'd rather be blind & pretty, you know? So I'm finally taking the plunge, because I'd like to be happy with the way I look in the wedding photos.

Also to do this weekend:
  • finish writing thank-you notes from my shower that was two weeks ago
  • grocery shopping
  • laundry
  • putting up weather-proofing plastic stuff over (most of) the windows - it's getting colder, and I'm definitely feeling it. But I don't want to turn the heat on until I know it's not going to be wasted leaking out around the windows.
  • cleaning.. always with the cleaning. It's so dirty, living in Worcester.
  • Hopefully, I'll be able to get a haircut on Saturday. I need one desperately.
  • I still need to talk to The Bean Counter bakery about a cake. They definitely seem like the cheapest option, though - and everything they make is so good!

I'm not going to have any time next week to get stuff done - I'm meeting with the choir director after rehearsal on Monday, I have Youth Ministry on Thursday as usual, and I'm working late on Tuesday AND Wednesday. At least I won't have to work late again until AFTER the wedding.

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