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Super update of DOOM. (flowers! contacts!)

I've been meaning to write an update for a while. A whole lot has happened in the past week or so.

Last weekend, I managed to get a haircut and contacts, a contract to provide a wedding cake, and some random smaller wedding stuff. Thoughts:
I really like the Bean Counter. I'm getting the wedding cake through their bakery; it's going to be very reasonable (partly because it's going to be a small tiered cake plus a large sheet cake, but who really cares about that, anyway?), and EVERYTHING they make is good.

I totally forgot to ask about a gluten-free "groom's cake". I really want to do this for my family members who can't have wheat and milk. They're already being cheated out of a good meal, because they didn't want the roast beef (the chicken entree has stuffing & cream sauce). I'd like them to be able to share in the cake.

Contacts are weird. I've worn them most days this week, and I'm getting better at putting them in. After wearing glasses for over 15 years, this takes some adjusting. And my eyes have a greater tendency to unfocus when I'm using the computer now (which I do for 9-10 hours each day). It was interesting being able to see while doing some common activities: taking a shower, getting a haircut, washing my face, putting on makeup, etc. It will be nice not to have to worry about glasses fogging up when I'm outside. I keep almost reaching up to feel if they're there.. which they're not, of course. Transitioning back and forth is interesting - my depth perception is a little different with glasses than with contacts. So now I tend to stumble around at night for a few minutes until I readjust to the glasses.

The first thought I had after I looked in a mirror for the first time? I never realized my eyes were so pretty :) Of course, the main reason I got contacts is because I don't like the way I photograph with glasses. You can't see my eyes - and it really emphasizes the roundness of my upper cheeks, since that is where the glasses sit. Of course, nightskyre has had contacts for a long time (though he doesn't wear them often), and he thinks this is a nice improvement - not that he loves me any less with glasses.

I finally bought silk flowers about 2 weeks ago. Last weekend, treyvana brought her dress over, so I was able to see that the flowers do indeed go with the bridesmaid dresses. (Yay!) This past weekend, I started putting together a bouquet and a boutenniere, so I could see how they'd look.

Boutonniere. This is the kind the groomsmen & other random men will have. nightskyre and the fathers/grandfather will have ones that are similar, but with a red rose and white filler.

This is the bridesmaids' nosegay. It's fairly small (see the hand), but I think that's ok.

nosegay and boutonniere
Here are both the nosegay and the boutonniere together, so you can get a sense of size. Sorry it's so blurry.

This weekend, nightskyre and I head up to Maine, to try on our wedding bands and get them engraved, and to spend some time with my family. We're also cranking out origami pieces for the reception favors - we've got a long way to go.
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