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It has begun

Stayed uber-late last night, finishing things that have to get to the reception hall. Not the favors, thankfully, as they were completed a few days ago. The last time I looked at the clock, it was after 4am. Not really sure when I went to sleep; I just collapsed into the LoveSac as my second wind left me. I remember nightskyre joining me shortly afterwards.

We're up this morning because we have to be at the reception hall at 9:30 this morning, to drop off all our items and finish paying them. The end price of this reception is almost twice what I thought it was going to be - $5,800! My dad has been so wonderful, stepping up to the plate and giving us a lot of money to help with wedding expenses.

Everyone will start showing up this afternoon. There's still a bunch of stuff that we don't have finalized - like we haven't made any real preparations for doing a day-after brunch. I think we're going to end up dropping that. I feel bad, because we won't be able to spend a lot of time with the people from out of town.

nightskyre has been so good throughout this. He gets frustrated with me sometimes, but not nearly as often as I get frustrated with myself. I need to learn to let go of some things about this weekend; I can't handle being a control freak.

25 hours and counting...
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