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The Norbals!

Who's our favorite family at the end of the twentieth century? (Norbals, Norbals.. The Norbals!)
Who can take calamity and bring it to the holiday? (Norbals, Norbals.. The Norbals!)

It's really a miraculous conjunction when
Once a year, they get together and hang.
They put the "fun" back into dysfunction;
You've never seen a more neurotic gang!

Who's the family circus [that] can provoke and tickle and irk us? (Norbals, Norbals.. The Norbals!)
It's sedation and denial in the old family style... (Norbals, Norbals.. The Norbals!)

Hey! Daddy's sure to make a few faces red,
And Sister's sure to make a few gaffs;
Somebody will slip and say "I wish you were dead!"
It's an emotional meltdown, a barrel of laughs!

Who's getting stuck in your chimney tonight?
Who's throwing up all the Turkish Delight?
It's a group of individuals so out-of-sight:
The Norbals!
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