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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Anitra Smith
18 January 1982
This is my personal journal. I occasionally write about God, the Bible, and reformed theology. I also may discuss roleplaying games (rarely), video games, and programming. I have a hard time expressing myself, especially in text, so I mostly treat this as a diary that happens to be open to the public.

What else should you know?
  • I am married to nightskyre.

  • We have a beautiful baby girl, born in September 2008.

  • got my B.S. Computer Science at WPI in February 2004.

  • I regularly attend Bethlehem Bible Church (they have a podcast if you're interested)

  • I am formerly from Rochester, NY.

  • I am a Christian. Some might call me "evangelical" or "funamentalist" or "Calvinist". All of those are true, in some way or another.

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